Abour Our Curriculum

The goal of the curriculum at New York Goju Karate is to provide the student a well-rounded education in the martial arts in a structured, fun and supportive environment.  Areas of training include:

Basics - Basic blocking, striking, and kicking techniques are the foundation of karate training. All advanced skill come from improving abilities with the basics. 

Kata - Choreographed forms that simulate combat against an imaginary (visualized) opponent.

Sparring - The controlled exchange of technique with a partner, using padding gear for protection.

Mission BullyProof - A program that teaches students to recognize and prevent different forms of bullying, whether they are the victim or the bystander.

Self-Defense - Pre-arranged self-defense techniques that combine basic skills in a more practical context.

Weapons - Weapons such as the Filipino kali sticks, and the Japanese bo, nunchaku, and tonfa are taught at advanced levels.

Grappling - Grappling, or ground-fighting, is also taught at the advanced levels.


Click on the links below to view the rank-specific curriculum we teach at NYGKA. Please note that our curriculum is subject to change, and that only an instructor can determine whether or not a student is eligible for his/her next stripe.

White Belt Curriculum

Blue Belt Curriculum

 Yellow Belt Curriculum

Green Belt Curriculum

Purple Belt Curriculum

Brown Belt Curriculum